I’m a Hacker, pay me.

An email notification pops up n the phone screen. This is something that happens numerous times a day and is usually met with a quick swipe and ignore. Today, however, something was different. You don’t recognize the sender and he preview of the contents of the email reads like an iRobot script. “I am well […]

5 Steps to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Did you know that you can take simple steps to protect yourself from identity theft? Here are five steps we can all take to protect ourselves against identity theft Start the process with these five steps: Mix Up Your Passwords Identity thieves are counting on the fact that you’ll use the same password for all […]

How to Catch a Phish?

Below are a few simple steps to catching Phish: If you aren’t expecting the email, it might not be legit Hackers use fear and intimidation in phishing emails Most of the time a phishing email will have bad grammar and poor spelling Sophisticated phishing emails will have a little bit of truth but not the […]

Passwords are Old School

  Passwords are easily stolen or guessed. There’s a more secure way! It’s called Two Factor Authentication Easy to setup and use and it’s the easiest way to prevent your accounts from being hacked. What is “Two Factor Authentication?” It is two things: something you have and something you know. For instance your username for […]

99% of all cyber hacks could have been prevented! Updates and patches to the computers/applications/systems are released but people and organizations fail to install them in a timely manner. Don’t know how? Automate!   On our website we provide a link to a FREE tool that will keep your applications up to date. https://cybersecurity.nmhs.net/patching-and-software-updates/ Do […]

Stop Surfing as an ADMIN

  Want one quick tip to help prevent malicious viruses from installing on your computer? STOP using your Administrative account. When you purchase a computer (Walmart, Amazon, etc.) and plug it in you have just opened a door to a virtual world which includes massive amounts maliciousness. Life is not Plug & Play There’s two […]

Catch of the Day!

We have email filters which block hundreds of phishing emails each day. However, hackers are good and some still get through our filters. If you get an email you think is suspicious report it (http://www.phishmarket.nmhs.net/report-a-phish/) Today we announce that ouir first Catch of the Day! was turned in and is now view able by clicking […]

“What is Phishing?”

Phishing is a deceptive method hackers use to try and trick people into downloading malware to their computers or mobile devices or to steal their sensitive information.  The most common method is through email. How do I know which email is real and which is a “phish?” What do I do when I get a […]