Cyber COVID Threats

Since COVID-19 was first on the news there has been an increasing number of online threats on the subject. Almost every week since April the most common phishing emails have had something to do with COVID-19. These threats come in the form of  email attachments, links to fake online COVID maps, and links to phone apps posing as COVID trackers.

If actual COVID wasn’t enough, you must watch out for malicious software taking advantage of the fear and concern around this issue. Be sure to always verify URL links and addresses in emails. If there are questions or concerns about an email’s origin you may always go straight to a webpage by typing in the URL.  Read emails carefully to notice mistakes in spelling or grammar, this is a great way to spot an email with malicious intent. Don’t reply to emails requesting sensitive information. And, don’t “panic respond” to urgent requests or threats as this is normally just click bait.

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