Our So Called Virtual Life

Getting our kids ready for school in the morning these last few weeks probably looks different than it did last year. After breakfast my kids go to what used to be a guest room to turn on their laptops at their new Ikea desks and start class. It’s a big leap from the car pool last year and a recent survey at dinner showed a massive decrease in fun for the kids and for the parents.

As trying as this is, malware or a computer virus shutting down a home school workstation or the entire home network would make matters worse. An actual poll from a reputable popular antivirus shows 81% of folks have experienced a cyber attack or had a friend/family member affected by a cyber attack.

Be sure to educate your kids on the dangers of clicking things on the internet. Take advantage of the free antivirus we have links to on our NMHS Cyber Security website. We also have links to resources to keep kids safe online and free malware removal software.