Password Security

Would you give a stranger access to your bank account or social media account? No? How about access to your home wifi, personal computer, phone, or security cameras? Of course not! This is a no brainer! But, without strong passwords and thoughtful password handling you are inviting and sharing your accounts and devices with strangers. … Continue reading Password Security

How to Catch a Phish?

Below are a few simple steps to catching Phish: If you aren’t expecting the email, it might not be legit Hackers use fear and intimidation in phishing emails Most of the time a phishing email will have bad grammar and poor spelling Sophisticated phishing emails will have a little bit of truth but not the… Continue reading How to Catch a Phish?

Passwords are Old School

  Passwords are easily stolen or guessed. There’s a more secure way! It’s called Two Factor Authentication Easy to setup and use and it’s the easiest way to prevent your accounts from being hacked. What is “Two Factor Authentication?” It is two things: something you have and something you know. For instance your username for… Continue reading Passwords are Old School

Prevent 99% of Hacks

99% of all cyber hacks could have been prevented! Updates and patches to the computers/applications/systems are released but people and organizations fail to install them in a timely manner. Don’t know how? Automate!   On our website we provide a link to a FREE tool that will keep your applications up to date. Do… Continue reading Prevent 99% of Hacks

Stop Surfing as an ADMIN

Want one quick tip to help prevent malicious viruses from installing on your computer? STOP using your Administrative account. When you purchase a computer (Walmart, Amazon, etc.) and plug it in you have just opened a door to a virtual world which includes massive amounts maliciousness. Life is not Plug & Play There are two… Continue reading Stop Surfing as an ADMIN

Catch of the Day!

We have email filters which block hundreds of phishing emails each day. However, hackers are good and some still get through our filters. If you get an email you think is suspicious report it ( Today we announce that ouir first Catch of the Day! was turned in and is now view able by clicking… Continue reading Catch of the Day!

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