Protect yourself at home.

Remote workers, students, and folks practicing social distancing are becoming more common as we try to quarantine COVID-19 out of existence.  People new to working, studying, and spending abnormally large amounts of time at home may get distracted more than their office/classroom counterparts, mixing work and personal emails, texts, and calls. It is easy to imagine a person becoming stressed or concerned about current events for which they are at home and be less aware of security risks in the “Live Outbreak Map” your in-laws just posted on social media..

If you needed one more thing to be concerned about bad actors are leveraging many corona virus-themed cyber-attacks. Malicious corona virus themed phishing emails, websites, text messages, and phone calls are all likely to arrive in every digital format from every corner of the imagination.

So while we all sit at home in quarantine, don’t panic click. Be mindful of the fact there are digital villains out there looking to capitalize on frantic, concerned, and curious people. Get a safe list of places to find out information below.