So, Twitter had a week.

On July 15, 2020, more than one Twitter employee was targeted by cyber-attacks. These attacks were successful in acquiring the user name and password of an undisclosed number of employees at Twitter. The Twitter employees’ credentials were used to access several of Twitter’s internal systems including getting through Twitter’s two factor authentication protection. As of… Continue reading So, Twitter had a week.

No Privacy Without Security

Most people are of the mindset that, “I’m not doing anything wrong so I don’t have anything to hide.” Cyber criminals make a living from that particular mindset. Average social websites people frequent today have stockpiles of information about their users. This mountain of freely available data is at most just one friend request away.… Continue reading No Privacy Without Security

Protect yourself at home.

Remote workers, students, and folks practicing social distancing are becoming more common as we try to quarantine COVID-19 out of existence.  People new to working, studying, and spending abnormally large amounts of time at home may get distracted more than their office/classroom counterparts, mixing work and personal emails, texts, and calls. It is easy to… Continue reading Protect yourself at home.

Password Security

Would you give a stranger access to your bank account or social media account? No? How about access to your home wifi, personal computer, phone, or security cameras? Of course not! This is a no brainer! But, without strong passwords and thoughtful password handling you are inviting and sharing your accounts and devices with strangers. … Continue reading Password Security